Touch ID Will Now Secure Emails & Calendar In Outlook

In the current scenario security for each and every device is very much in need of security, because nowadays there are many hackers around us who always track on your devices and will hack your information and personal data. So every person has to protect their devices with a password.

ipadmini4touchid-800x302But there are some issues in having password because easy passwords can be tracked easily and you need to set some difficult password. Also remembering the difficult password is also a big issue and if will be a problem if you forget the password then you need to reset the password. All together it is a problem. On the other side if the apps don’t need a password protection then it would be wonderful.

Here is a surprise for you all that iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone Plus are launched by the Apple with Touch ID in the last year. Now almost all the upcoming smartphones support fingerprint sensors and this makes the online transactions safer and easier. Outlook application is one of the most effective applications in the current technology. After the integration of cloud storage, Skype, and many other services were introduced by the Outlook for the iOS. In this article you will get to know some fresh and changes.

For the safety the iOS had associated Touch ID support for Outlook that intern for emails and calendar. Here are some statements made by the Apple regarding updated app:

If you associate images with anything then it will look better. The pictures of attendees are just included below events in the agenda view. All your needed information can be gained with a glance. A nice little shortcut is also added in the day and 3-day views, while they are at it. A time slot should be pressed and hold to create a new event.

Your inbox can be protected with Touch ID and your deserved privacy can be gained. From prying eyes keep your messages by requiring your device password or fingerprint in order to access your Outlook account.