SD Card Photo Recovery Software – Recover Lost Pictures from SD Card on Mac

corrupt SD card

Mac system is a widely used personal computer across the world. It is designed and developed by multinational company Apple Inc. There are lots of files and folder stored in Mac system. Sometimes it might happen that photos get lost from SD card. Under such situation, users get frustrated and want to recover lost pictures from SD card using any recovery tool.

Recover Mac tool is easily available online tool to recover SD card on Mac system. This photo recovery tool can be installed on various version of Mac OS X. You can use this tool to recover lost photos from SD card on Mac as well as some other media files. Apart from photo recover from SD card, this tool can also recover pictures from different storage device. Using this tool, you can recover pictures lost due to different scenarios such as virus attack, accidental formatting, unreliable tool, etc. Let’s discuss the scenarios for photo loss from SD in brief:

Scenarios due to which photos get lost from Mac

Unintentional Formatting: When you are unable to access files from SD card then you have only option to format the card. The formatting of SD card deleted all files which is a severe data loss situation for users.

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes you delete blur pictures in order to make space on your SD card. Instead of deleting blur pictures, if user select other photo and press delete then that picture get deleted from SD card.

Third Party application: The use of unreliable software to edit photo sometimes become responsible for photo loss from SD card. In such case, user need to use Recover Mac tool to recover lost picture in an pitch perfect way.

Other Reasons:  Bad sectors, power fluctuation, file system error, etc. are some of the other reason for picture loss from SD card.

Recover Mac tool is one of the responsible and reliable tool to recover lost pictures on Mac system. This software can easily recover photos of generic and RAW file formats.

Features of Recover Tool

  • Recover Mac tool can be installed on all the latest version of Mac (Lion, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.)
  • By using Recover Mac tool, you can recover lost photos as well as deleted pictures from SD card on Macintosh.
  • Almost all file formats of picture file can be recovered using this tool. Even RAW pictures are also recovered using this tool.
  • This software is available can also be downloaded for demo. If you feel satisfied with this tool then you can purchase and recover lost photos.
  • Recover lost pictures from SD card as well as from different storage device on Mac system.