Data Recovery from Corrupt SD Card

Have you gone through any situation in which you may have lost data from SD card or your SD card gets corrupt? Are you still searching for solution to come out of it? If it is so, then you need not to search it more instead you just required to select an appropriate recovery tool to recover deleted files from SD card  With the help of this recovery software you can easily restore erased data from camera at any time and also without any difficulty while recovering the lost files from SD card.  Before knowing about this tool, let us firstly know how the SD card gets corrupt? With the help of this information you can prevent the lost of data from the SD card and corrupt of SD card as you will be aware of it after reading it few more lines down the paragraph.corrupt SD card

As we all know well about the key advantage of the SD card that it is used for the storing purpose of data and why SD cards are become so much popular that each and every one is using this device. It has become popular because of its features and applications. It not only stores images but also helps to stores the other different files like audio file, video file, software, applications, games, MS files, PST files, OST files, contacts, messages, calendar and many more files can easily store in it. In addition to storing the files, you can share the files whenever you desired.

Sometimes SD card get corrupt because of many reasons, let us discuss some of them so that we should have knowledge about it that how actually SD card gets corrupt. From this we can follow prevention steps to protect the memory card from getting corrupt. As there is proverb that prevention is better that cure. Let us see the scenarios in which memory card get corrupt.

Different situations which made SD card corrupt:

  • If you use SD card in different devices, then there is chance that corrupt SD card may happened.
  • When you get notification about the storage space that the memory card is full to store, there is no space for the new file to store. Then again if you add the files continuously even after notification message it may leads to the corruptions of memory card.
  • When the battery is low of the device, if you goes on capturing pictures at that stage also. Then it may cause for the corruption of memory card.
  • When the files get affected with attack of virus which may cause damage of the file system. If it is happened then SD card get corrupted.
  • While formatting the SD card, if any error occurs then it leads to the format error. This is another issue for the user as it forces the user to format their card again. So here also users may suffer with the data loss.
  • Sudden removal of SD card while running operations may also corrupt memory card.

So these are some situations in which memory card get corrupt and data get lost from the SD card permanently. So use this tool to get back deleted back data from corrupt SD card with ease and quick. If you have any doubt regarding the corrupt of SD card then Please visit and clarify it.

Software for Recovering Video Files from SD Card

“Yesterday I have captured many videos from my mobile phone. To copy them I connected SD card to computer using card reader. While transferring suddenly due to power loss transfer process was interrupted. Later when I tried to access videos from SD card, I was shocked because all videos were missing. Can anyone tell me how to get back my videos? I don’t want to lose those videos from SD card. Thanks in advance”

If you are the one who have come across similar kind of situation as mentioned above, then don’t worry. You can recover videos from SD card by using genuine third party application one like Video File Recovery. Video file recovery program is recommended by highly skilled experts and also reviewed by users for its high end performance in restoration of deleted or lost video files from Secure Digital (SD) card.

SD card is a portable flash memory storage device that can be used in mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. SD memory cards helps you in storing different media files like pictures, songs, videos, etc. It offers secure data storage capability. But, accident happens which makes you to lose your favorite videos or movies saved on Secure Digital card. Once video files are deleted or lost from SD card you cannot get back them without using any recovery tool. The selected software must be reliable, if not it can cause permanent loss of files. There exists our most prominent video file recovery application.

There are many circumstances by which you will lose video files from SD card. Some of the common causes are:

Accidental deletion: Deleting videos mistakenly is one of the major reason of losing videos from SD card. You can accidentally delete video files from your camcorder or hard disk while deleting unwanted files.

Wrong usage of SD cards: Ejecting SD card without using safe removal option or abruptly pulling SD card from digital camera while capturing videos can lead to loss of videos from SD card. Frequently using SD card on different digital gadgets may also result in loss of videos from SD card.

Virus attacks: Videos in SD cards may get infected by viruses while sharing them using Bluetooth feature or connecting SD cards with other storage devices. Once SD card is infected by harmful viruses, it corrupts file system making all files including video files inaccessible.

Formatting SD card: You may accidentally click on format SD card option in your digital camera or in computer. Formatting intentionally or unintentionally erases all files including video files from your SD card.

Whatever may be the reason to delete or lose video files from your SD card, you can make use of Video file recovery software. This tool is designed with advanced algorithms that quickly scans entire SD card and helps to restore your lost videos.

Amazing Features of Video File Recovery Application:

  • Video file recovery program can restore video files and even pictures, audio, documents from damaged/corrupted SD card
  • This video file retrieval software can undelete video files from SD card which are deleted using ‘shift+delete’ option
  • It can rescue videos from SD memory card of different formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, M4V, MPG, 3GP and other available video formats.
  • This program can get back lost or deleted videos from SD cards of various brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Olympus, etc.
  • Video file recovery utility can perform video recovery from Secure Digital card on Windows OS versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
  • Not only Windows OS, this tool can also retrieve video files from SD card on Mac OS.
  • Other than SD card, it is also compatible for recovering videos from Mini SD card, SDHC, SDXC, xD, CF, MMC cards, Memory Sticks and other storage devices like pen drive, internal and external hard disk.

Recover Android SD Card Data

Android is widely used  operating system which is used in the mobile phones. The popularly used Android phones are Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, HTC one, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia etc. With the increasing popularity of Android phone more and more peoples are using to store their valuable data for easy access anytime and anywhere. However, to expand the storage facility, Android phones use SD card. SD Card on Android phone is a non-volatile Memory card format. Android phone SD Card stores all your precious data such as, pictures, songs, videos, documents etc. It is mostly used in transportable devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, Smartphones, Tablet computers, etc. Being smaller in size, this SD Card can hold infinite amount of data based on its storage capacity.

As you enjoy the fun of Android device loss of data on your Android SD Card would be devastating. After loss, most of us think that lost files are gone forever and keep worrying on how to recover Android SD card data. Well, Don’t worry!!! By using reliable Android data recovery software, you can easily perform data recovery Android  process without missing even a single file. This data recovery software for Android is built with advanced algorithms that scans the entire Android phone SD card to locate the deleted or loss files and then helps you to recover Android SD card data by making use of its unique file attributes.

Scenarios that lead to loss of Android SD card data:

  • You may accidentally delete data on Android SD card
  • Inappropriate discharge of Android SD card from PC without making use of “Eject” option results in loss of data from SD card.
  • After you get error messages like “Unsupported File System” or “Card is not formatted” etc. you might format the SD card of your Android phone.
  • If your Android SD card is infected by harmful viruses then it may also delete data.

If you have ever come across with any of the situations mentioned above then, make use of Android data recovery software. It is especially designed to recover deleted or lost Android SD card data within a matter of minutes.

Features of Android data recovery software:

Android data recovery tool is one of the most recommended data recovery software for Android devices. The software successfully recovers Android SD card data such as, pictures, songs, videos, documents etc. This app supports to recover Android SD card data on all the latest versions of android such as 2.3 Gingerbread, 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich, 3.0 honey comb etc. This tool is well-matched to recover Android SD card data on various brands of Android devices like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony etc. and many more on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 OS based laptops / desktops. Hence, it is one of the best data recovery software for Android to perform Android SD card data restore process. To get additional information on how to recover data from Android SD card, visit this page: This award winning tool supports Android SD card data recovery from FAT, NTFS, and EXFAT file systems. By using the free demo version of the software, you can get brief information on recovery process. If you find yourself satisfied with the obtained result then you can buy the software and save the recovered data.

Lost files can be recovered through recovery software of SD cards

Welcoming the new times with the new inventions is a part of life. With respect to it we were introduced with the diskettes, floppies to save the data which have grown old. The new and advanced source of saving the data came with SD cards, which are mostly used in cameras. SD cards are most portable and compact to use and work with.

Most of the cameras are using the SD cards for saving the data. There are number of companies launched their cameras with the inbuilt memory and featured it with the extending memory capability. An SD card comes with different capacity to hold data.

Question which always arises: Is there any possibilities to recover the data after loss? The answer to the question is yes. There are number of way to recover the SD card, one among them is to use the SD card recovery software.

These cards have some advantages and disadvantages too, as we already know about the data loss (one disadvantage). Let’s look at the advantage of using SD cards:

  • The cards are so portable and compatible with different devices.
  • The data can be easily extracted.
  • Comes with different capacity to hold the data (2 GB, 4 GB etc).
  • Compatible with computer systems (adapter make it more easy to use for).

The card is sufferer of data loss as other storage medium is. SD cards are connected to different systems to extract the data. Mac is also one of the OS which is widely used. So is SD card recovery on Mac  possible. Off course the recovery on any OS can be done.

But better to avoid this recovery process because it’s not reliable all the time and this can be carry out by following some precautions which are mentioned below. But before that one ought to know that, what could be the reason behind this loss.

Power surge and power failure are in the limelight which is always a big reason for data loss, If SD card is connected to the system and abrupt ejection of card without using the safely remove option, card connected to the system which is infected by viruses, Boot sector of cards if corrupted etc.

There are some tips to be follow which can avoid data loss.

  • A strong source of power supply to the system so that while transferring of data abrupt shut down of a system can be avoided.
  • Always use updated antivirus in the system to avoid the virus attack which refrain the data security and even the regularity sometimes.
  • Creating back up a those data files and folders which are important.

Note: The recovery is only possible when the location of lost data is not overwritten with other data.

Thought one has followed these precautions and still facing the data losses then he/she need not to worry because the recovery for SD is possible. These possibilities can be turned to fact by using the recovery software. There are number of trial version software downloads  are there on internet and are easy to use. This software can recover the data easily.