Recover Deleted Pictures from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung galaxy note S3 is an Android based Smart phone which offers many extraordinary applications. This phone is well supported for taking photos with high resolution which may be very memorable photos for you. But sometimes your photos might get erased from your Samsung galaxy note S3 because of accidental deletion, virus attack, factory reset and so on. Deleted photos may be college photos, marriage photos and etc, so if you want to recover these deleted photos from Samsung galaxy note S3 then you can use data recovery Android application. This software offers many features by which you can recover deleted pictures from Samsung galaxy note 3

Reasons for loss of photos from Samsung galaxy note 3

File Transfer Interruption:  While transferring photos from one device to other device you might have lost your photos from your Galaxy S3 due to sudden shutdown of your phone

Virus Infection:  Virus is the external threat that can damage your photos. Using untrustworthy sites for downloading is major source for virus attack which ultimately damages your photos.

Deletion while previewing: Sometimes when you are checking recently captured images, while previewing the images on Samsung galaxy note 3, if you click on delete option, then photos may get deleted.

Deletion due to Third Party Software:  Sometimes because of third party applications your photos in the Samsung galaxy note 3 may get deleted. To restore these photos you can use this Data recovery Android application

Improper handling: Improper handling of your android phone like abrupt switching of your phone may lead to photo loss. To get back these photos you can use this Data recovery Android application

 Features of Data recovery Android application

  • This data recovery Android application recovers all the photos deleted from your Samsung galaxy note S3 phone
  • This program is easy to use and has brief instructions for photo restoration
  • It offers fast, simple and quick recovery process to get photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 after factory reset
  • This software is built in with an advanced scanning algorithm so that you can locate and recover all your photos from your Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • This software can help you to preview all your recovered photos before storing it in desired location.
  • By using this software you can recover various photos on the basis of their unique signatures on your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone
  • Photos and all other media files that are deleted, lost, formatted from Android phone can be easily retrieved by using this tool within few clicks
  • This effective recovery app can restore all media files from all latest versions of Android operating system like Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Éclair, Cupcake and so on

By using this software you can recover all photos from Android internal memory too. To know more about recovering photos from Android internal memory you can click here: