Recovery of MOV files from Mac QuickTime Player

MOV file is really a file sort of car stereo files that run rapidly Multimedia player. And QuickTime is a powerful media player that plays MOV files on Mac and a pc flexibly. Much like Flash Movie Player, VLC media player, FLV player, QuickTime is a video format which was developed by Apple Inc. for enjoying MOV files.

QuickTime player is most frequently suited for Macintosh systems to play all video file types. It can play MP3, MP4, AVI, DIVX, etc video file types. This QuickTime application is going to be stored on the system hard drive of Mac where all the other data like program files, user files for example word and text files, pictures, videos, movies, audio songs, etc will likely be stored. And also the data on this Mac system could possibly get corrupt or it can be lost as a result of various causes and errors. Now assume that you have stored some of your selected videos of MOV file type on Mac. When tried to play this tracks the Quick player showed an error that MOV file is corrupt. This was because of some errors in this MOV file track or breakages in the track. so it can be stated the data is lost now. To make the corrupt files play again you’ll want to repair those MOV files. And the ways to recover MOV files Mac strategy is repair software. Here are a few more situations that lead to loss of MOV files or corruption of MOV files on Mac. They are similar to this:

  • MOV File corruption – Usually the MOV file data will be lost because of file corruption. In the event the storage device like system hard drive is corrupt as a result of virus then you will probably face MOV file corruption too as it is stored on the same drive.
  • Drive formatting – When the drive that contains MOV files is accidentally formatted or re-formatted you will lose important MOV files including all other files.
  • Accidental file deletion – In the event you delete any MOV file by accidental pressing of the keys command + shift + delete, then this file will be permanently lost.

Reason for data loss may be anything, the application can successfully perform Mac lost file recovery with quite easy process. The whole process of repair and recovery of MOV files may be simultaneously learned quickly while using the software. The software has certain features that really help the Mov file recovery such as:

  • Successfully restores the corrupt MOV file so that it may be played as before.
  • Repairs all the corrupt MOV files on Mac that errors out when tried to play it.
  • Repairs MOV files that won’t play in QuickTime player.
  • It can recover all the corrupt files by repairing tracks like videos, audio files, etc.
  • Capable of repairing all video files from various Apple products like iPods, iPads, iPhones, etc.

The application effectively recovers files from Mac OS Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7) versions. It’s also possible to recover files from different sources like Mac hard drive volumes, formatted drives, etc and in addition can support on MacBook, iMac, Notebook, etc easily. You can check out the performance of this software with the aid of demo version. It’s available at your fingertips to download the software and perform Mac recovery. Make better use of this demo software and then you can buy the software.

Solution to repair corrupt MOV movie clip

MOV is a multimedia file format manufactured by Apple Inc for QuickTime Media Player. MOV file type is compatible with Mac OS and also flexible with Windows platform. In QuickTime Media Player the files are stored with .mov file extension. The other file formats of video / movie files are MP3, MP4, MPEG, AVI, DIV, etc.

Most of the times you lose video/ media files or the file become inaccessible only due to corruption or damage to the files. MOV file corruptions can occur because of many reasons like unfinished video file download, sudden failure of the media player, unexpected system shutdown, virus attack, interruption in-between video file transfer, etc. And the critical error that causes corruption of media file is CRC error. Therefore whenever there is a CRC error corruption in video files, the user won’t be able to access the file.

There are various situations that cause corruption of the MOV files,

  • Conversion of MOV files – When you try to convert a MOV file to other video file format, due to errors or improper conversion process the file may get corrupt.
  • Improper File download – While downloading any MOV files from internet occurrence of any interruptions or due to false operations, the downloaded file may get corrupted.
  • Sudden Shutdown of the system – When MOV files are being processed if the system suddenly goes down due to loss of power or insufficient power supply to the system then the file gets broken or damaged.
  • Due to CRC errors- If there are bad sectors in the hard drive where the MOV file is been stored, then the file becomes corrupt and thus becomes inaccessible.

In these forms of situations you need a proprietary repair application, which may repair movie clips and recover the MOV file without causing further damage to it. If you try using the repair software to solve damaged or corrupt files you can fix the problem of ‘how to repair .mov file which might be corrupt?’

Some value adding top features of the software are –

  •  Repairs large sized MOV files that are corrupt due to corrupt firmware in digital cameras.
  • Repairs MOV files that are corrupt due to virus attack or CRC errors.
  • It effectively repairs .mov files by separating audio and video streams so that it exactly plays the file without error after repair.
  • Repairs corrupted files due to system crash, formatting the hard drive that contains these files.
  • Repairs damaged MOV files because of severe header corruption, incomplete file downloading.

If you have lost any important video file as a result of damage or corruption of the file, then try to retrieve the file using repair .mov file software that effectively repairs the file. The software provides demo version so that you can check for the efficiency of the software before you can purchase it.