How to Recover Lost Outlook PST Data

Microsoft Outlook is the Microsoft’s product. Microsoft Outlook is one of the reliable, trustworthy applications of Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is used as an email manager which helps to keep update of your emails, contact list, calendar, notes, journals, personal information etc. In Microsoft Outlook these all are stored in .PST file format. PST file is nothing but Personal Storage file which helps you to store all your emails, contact list, calendar, notes, journals, personal information etc.  There are different Outlook versions are available like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. These all versions are come with different storage capacity. Outlook 2000 stores only 2 GB data, Outlook 2003 &2007 contains 20 GB data, and Outlook 2010 stores upto 50GB data in this PST file. There are chances of lose of data from this PST file due to PST corruption or due to any human error etc. You can recover this lost data or corrupted data from this PST file by using Outlook PST Recovery software.

There are many reasons because of which Outlook file get corrupt. If you shutdown your system abruptly without closing your Outlook application, this incident may corrupt your PST file.  By using antivirus when you try to scan your PST file and during this if any interruption occurs in scanning, it may lead to PST file corruption. Like this there are many other reasons due to which you may lose your stored data in PST file. If PST file size get oversized than its maximum size limits then there are chances of your PST file corruption. Some people wants to import there PST files from old version of Outlook to new version of Outlook in such time due to incompatibility they unable to import PST files and their PST file get corrupt. Sometime PST file get damaged because of its header corruption. Header corruption happen  when your PST file is affected by virus or if your system terminates abruptly then there are chances of file header corruption. Many people don’t want to keep their large PST file as it is so they compress their PST file using archive, while compressing any interruption may lead to PST file corruption. These are the few examples due to which you lost your PST data.

To avoid all these above mentioned problems you can take some precautions like, you can keep backup of your data. When you access your Outlook data, after finishing your work try to close it in proper way. You can split your large size PST file into multiple parts to avoid file corruption. Still if you lose your data from PST file or your PST file get corrupt and you unable to access your PST data then stop writing on drive where you stored your PST file, and now to get back lost Outlook data you can use Outlook PST Recovery software. This software helps you to restore data which is lost due to oversize of PST and also it helps to store Outlook data which is lost due to header corruption. This is very reliable software which helps you to retrieve all your lost mails, calendar items, tasks, Personal information, also helps to retrieve address book contacts on outlook 2007. Very efficiently you can retrieve your lost/deleted and corrupt Outlook data by using this software. You can download Trial version of this software to preview your results.

Hard drive recovery from Windows

Hard drive recovery from Windows

Windows Vista replaced Windows XP by its advanced features and become popular. It is very similar to Windows XP but a completely different operating system. It includes new appearance of graphical user interface (GUI), security, system configuration, and stability features. It is much secure and more stable than the older versions of Windows operating systems. You can still choose the windows classing appearance as it is available as an option.

Windows Vista is known as a heavy operating system. The reason is its system requirements. It requires 800 Mhz processor and 512 MB RAM. It is also available in 2 GB RAM and dual-core processors for gaming and heavy task such as videos, music, pictures etc. It also provides very high resolution displays.


The most common advantages of Windows Vista is its new appearance graphical user interface such as start menu, start button and desktop in a new look. It is highly secure and provides latest version internet explorer 7.0.The internet access is highly secure. It also provides latest version of Windows media player. The audio and video quality for Windows Media Player 11 is very high. Windows Vista also provides additional clocks of different countries.


Windows Vista uses lots of hard drive space as it’s a very heavy operating system. It works smoothly only with 2GB RAM or even more. It is very costly also.

Corruption of data from the hard drive is very common in Windows operating system. Data gets easily corrupted due to virus infections, hard drive corruption, abrupt shutdown of the computer etc. As Vista requires more hard drive space for installing the operating system, sometimes data gets corrupted due to less hard drive space. Sometimes by human errors such as accidentally pressing shift + delete key also causes hard drive data corruption. Actually, files does not get deleted permanently after deletion. The data gets invisible from the computer by using a good hard drive recovery software, you can easily recover hard drive data. Data recovery software can recover corrupted, lost, deleted data from the computer. It also supports all versions of Windows operating systems and can recover hard drive on windows 7 and all other versions of Windows operating system.

How to install the free demo version of hard drive  recovery software?

The first step is to downloadand install the free demo version of hard drive recovery software. After launching the software, select the drive or partition from which you wants to recover corrupted data. The software will start scanning the hard drive completely. You can easily preview the recovered files after completion of the recovery process.





Tips to recover formatted partitions

A brand new hard drive is required to be formatted and given a file system in order to be operational. When a hard drive is formatted using Windows Operating System, it is given either FAT or NTFS file system, depending on the operating system, which you have. If you have formatted using Windows XP OS, then by default FAT file system will be installed. In case you are formatting the partition using Windows Vista or Win 7 OS, it is given NTFS file system. FAT stands for File Allocation Table, where as NTFS stands for New Technology File System. NTFS file system is a more improved file system that can store and fetch data from the hard drives at a very high rate as compared to FAT file system.

Data present in these hard drives or partitions are prone to get deleted or lost due to corruption or deletion of hard drive partitions. Some of the most common reasons for deletion of data from a hard disk partition are as follows:

  • Deletion of data: Accidentally deleting files and folders from partitions or drives is one of the most common reasons faced by most of the users worldwide. While trying to delete a file or partition, you may knowingly or unknowingly delete another file which might be of great importance to you
  • Formatting partitions: If your computer is affected by virus and the antivirus program is not able to remove it, or if the systems performance has slowed down because of virus attack, then you might format the drive without taking the backup resulting in deletion of important data
  • File system corruption: Microsoft has FAT and NTFS file system. When either of the file system gets corrupt due to improper shutdown of computer or due to virus or malware attack, the file system may become corrupt or damaged. When a file system is corrupt or damaged, the data present in these partitions will become inaccessible resulting in loss of precious data

How to recover lost partition?

All the above reasons lead to deletion or loss of data from partitions or drives. When files are deleted from a formatted or corrupt partition, do not think that it is lost forever. It is always possible to recover data until and unless it is not overwritten by new data. Whenever a file or folder or any data from the partition or drive is deleted, the operating system marks the address in the pointer table as free. However, the data is still present in the hard disk, but only the pointer pointing to the data is deleted. In such scenarios, you can recover formatted partitions data by downloading Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro edition software that scans the entire hard disk drive and partitions and recovers all the lost or deleted files, folders, and other data easily and efficiently. The software also provides you with a preview option, using which you can evaluate the recovery results before purchasing the software.

Deleted File Recovery Software

I was formerly working on some significant files, which were to be put forward by the following month during a scheduled appointment. It was in a common folder, which was taken by a malware or adware and spyware. I had no alternative but to erase the file, and shift it from the Recycle Bin. How to recover deleted files in windows xp? Is there any way of getting back the wiped file using file retrieval software system?

Malwares and software virus attempts are one of the most general causes for deletion or loss of data files and folders, coming next after unintentional removal of data files by the user, which tops off the list. Though here are very limited choices that the user has if he fails to clean up the folder containing the file in the more appropriate way, there has been still a ray of hope for the user, as he can easily retrieve the wiped files even though the Recycle Bin has been purged.

It is made possible by using an effective file retrieval tool, the one which can not only turn up the wiped and missing data files, but also retrieve the missing data files quite simply. The presence of pointers makes this fairly easy, as it is these pointers that get damaged after a data file is erased, and not the critical information present in the file. The data is still really present, making deleted file recovery which surpasses recycle bin accomplishable.

However, the task of file retrieval software package is done only if the user has taken enough precautions to avoid using the data storage medium that is actually damaged, as this could bring down the probability of retrieval drastically, sometimes making retrieval of data files impractical.

Hard disk drive wear relative to data loss

The hard disk drive on your computer is an odd mix of durability and sensitivity. On one hand these devices have a rotating magnetic platter in them that seems to work forever spinning that platter at in excess of 6000 RPM. While the information holding platter rotates, a magnetic head capable of reading the embedded data moves over it reading and writing information. Yet should that spinning platter gets a little out of balance you can easily lose important data necessary for the startup of your computer. This will require you to reinstall your Windows operating system.

Reinstallation of the Windows operating system basically erases or deletes all of your stored files from the hard disk drive. Therefore you must use a program designed to recover deleted files in any and all circumstances. A Windows data recovery tool from Remo Software will allow you to easily recover deleted files after formatting, emptied from the Windows recycle bin, and of course accidentally deleted due to human error.

Photo file recovery on Windows and Mac platforms

One would think if attempting photo recovery of files taken on a popular format digital camera and unsuccessfully downloaded onto a Mac computer that any photo recovery program would be able to scan the contents of the camera’s memory card for deleted file information and affect a recovery. With that idea in mind one should be able to plug their camera’s SD card into the reader slot of a Windows PC and use whatever data recovery program is handy to rescue their accidentally or prematurely deleted files. But that may not be time and cost effective.

Further if the files in question were directly transferred or copied onto the Mac hard drive in their original file format, a Windows recovery program based on a separate PC is of absolutely no value. For this reason Remo Software makes a Mac specific photo recovery tool that is a perfect solution. That tool downloads and operates directly from the Mac platform and allows one to perform a variety of photo and digital media on Mac recovery tasks.

Features to watch for when choosing a photo recovery program

The most constant and greatest need in the field of data recovery is for programs to recover digital photos. Perhaps the reason for this is that unlike document files that can be reconstructed by using notes and memory digital photographs taken at special moments or in special places are for the most part irreplaceable. For this reason anyone who on a regular basis takes digital photographs and transfers them onto their PC or Mac needs to keep handy a program to recover digital photos. These programs will recover photos from either a computer’s internal hard drive or any peripheral digital storage device connected to that computer.

In choosing a program to recover digital photos remember to check the camera types supported by the software against your particular camera and if need be its model type. For instance some photo recovery programs will work to recover a basic Canon image file but may not support the Canon EOS system.

Removing PC malware by reformatting a drive

Some computer viruses and malware are simply too powerful to be defeated using anti virus tools. It seems the only way to rid one’s self of these extra powerful computer germs is to not just reformat the drive they are located on but to use a disk wipe program on that entire drive so as to scramble its contents entirely. Those contents will of course include the inherent coding of the virus.

As with any data recovery problem we always want to try and save our archived or stored files if we can. Indeed no one wants to lose hundreds of valuable digital photographs taken over years of time to the effects of one powerful malware attack. An excellent solution is to download a program designed to recover photos from corrupted memory stick and other solid state media. These special data recovery tools can not only recover lost data from flash drive storage when one has accidentally deleted files, these photo recovery tools can be used as an insulated approach to data stored on a corrupted solid state device.

Challenges faced in attempting MS Office file recovery

There are a few technical aspects that make Microsoft Office file recovery a bit difficult at times. One of these is the propensity of users to improperly save their work either when starting a project and suddenly ending it or when making changes. When one closes a Microsoft Office file, whether it is a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint or even Excel document they are always prompted by Windows as to whether or not they would like to save their work. Amazingly many people inadvertently click no instead of yes and this immediately deletes their file.

Fortunately any time we delete a file it creates a marker on our hard disk drive or any other digital storage media in use. That marker serves as a guideline for quality tools to recover deleted Word document and other MS Office file information. This file recovery software can recognize any digital media or hard disk memory area that has been recently marked as deleted and replace the available file allocation marker with the original file name. These programs then make that file available to be copied to a new and safe location.

Hard drive formatting and recovery after a logic crash

Sometimes we have to take one step backward to take two steps forward. A great example of this is when attempting crashed hard drive recovery. When you go to start your computer and it fails to load based on what is known as a logic crash you will be greeted with a Windows error screen. The screen informs you that you are missing important files required for the startup of your computer. In order to replace these files you must reload your Windows operating system. Doing so will immediately delete all of files stored on your computer’s hard drive.

This is not a problem provided you use powerful hard disk data recovery software immediately after reloading Windows. This software specifically designed to recover files on reformatted partitions and hard drives will allow you to rescan all of the contents of your hard drive and to create a list of all files that had previously been stored on that drive. From that list you may choose any or all files to recover.