Touch ID Will Now Secure Emails & Calendar In Outlook

In the current scenario security for each and every device is very much in need of security, because nowadays there are many hackers around us who always track on your devices and will hack your information and personal data. So every person has to protect their devices with a password.

ipadmini4touchid-800x302But there are some issues in having password because easy passwords can be tracked easily and you need to set some difficult password. Also remembering the difficult password is also a big issue and if will be a problem if you forget the password then you need to reset the password. All together it is a problem. On the other side if the apps don’t need a password protection then it would be wonderful.

Here is a surprise for you all that iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone Plus are launched by the Apple with Touch ID in the last year. Now almost all the upcoming smartphones support fingerprint sensors and this makes the online transactions safer and easier. Outlook application is one of the most effective applications in the current technology. After the integration of cloud storage, Skype, and many other services were introduced by the Outlook for the iOS. In this article you will get to know some fresh and changes.

For the safety the iOS had associated Touch ID support for Outlook that intern for emails and calendar. Here are some statements made by the Apple regarding updated app:

If you associate images with anything then it will look better. The pictures of attendees are just included below events in the agenda view. All your needed information can be gained with a glance. A nice little shortcut is also added in the day and 3-day views, while they are at it. A time slot should be pressed and hold to create a new event.

Your inbox can be protected with Touch ID and your deserved privacy can be gained. From prying eyes keep your messages by requiring your device password or fingerprint in order to access your Outlook account.

Know About the 2016 Mac mini’s Expected Specs

Apple is about to release Mac mini and it has not disclosed any specs yet, but by considering the past experience and the existing specs of the other models, one can expect some specifications. It is also expected that the Mac mini will also get updated very soon.

Now let us discuss about the expected specifications briefly.

Flat_Mac_mini_imageMac mini 2016 release date:

The expectation of announcement of a new Mac mini by the Apple was in autumn of 2015along with the iMac 4K Retina display and El Capitan. But this expectation has not come true yet and the update is overdue. After the releasing of the Mac mini in 2014, laptops were added with the new processors of its range with the 13in MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models which has gained Broad well processors. Keeping in mind we just think that Mac mini will be associated with the new processor at the earliest.

Mac mini 2016 price:

At present Mac mini has its three models, you can prefer anyone depending upon you specifications and your budget. The cost of the cheapest model is £399, middle model is £569 and costliest model is £799. Compared to the price of Mac mini before and the previous Mac mini £100 has been reduced. So we don’t expect that the Apple will reduce the price with the new model and you can expect better specs but not the price.

New 2016 Mac mini specs and features: Processor

Before launching the new Mac mini, Apple was waiting for introduction of new Skylake chips by Intel, there are also possibilities of using Broadwell chips. Skylake is replaced by Broadwell and it is the successors to Haswell. Since Apple was waiting for the Skylake processor, so this is the reason for not issuing the update you. Also the Skylake is integrated by the graphics cards.

2016 Mac mini rumours: Design

There are possibilities of the Mac mini updated with a new design. Even though the redesign is not a big criteria, people are expecting that it could be smaller and thinner, due to this it is not going to accommodate a CD drive. Currently the weight is 1.22kg and dimensions are 3.6cm high, 19.7cm wide.

2016 Mac mini rumours: RAM

The entry level of current Mac mini features 4GB RAM as standard, it is expected that the 2016 Mac mini will be ramped up to 8GB in the entry level model.

Recover Your Wi-Fi Password through PC

Recover Password
Why There Is Need For Recovering Wi-FI Password?Recovering Wi-Fi password through PC is not much difficult as earlier, now it has become much simple and easier. Wi-Fi is the best thing when you received all the time to your home as you can browse whatever you needs and also you can install many software as you desire, there will be no limitation size and also larger programs can be download in an easy way with the help of the Wi-Fi. As this network provides you a internet server connection with internet high speed of Mbps and also you can easily perform many task through Wi-Fi connection, so the people loves to have this connection.

But the real thing happened with you when you forget the password of the Wi-Fi connection. When you forget the password of this Wi-Fi server connection then you can’t even make use of it as the network get fails to connect it with. From this, users can’t download, browse and also can’t do any task without this connection. So this Wi-Fi password plays a key role in accessing the Wi-Fi. If you forget your password, then don’t be panic as you can retrieve it with your PC and forgetting password mostly happened when you create password with the suggestion given by the security experts as the passwords may not able to remember, so there are more chances of forgetting password.

What to do when you forget password?

If you are using Windows 7 on your machine, then it is not a big deal as there is a simple procedure to recover the password from the computer. It is very much easy to set up for the machine. Mostly not only for the Windows 7 but also for the other versions of the Windows machine there is same process and even for the latest version of the Windows i.e. Windows 10 the procedure is almost same. Let us have a look on the procedure of recovering password from the Windows machine.

After viewing the procedure, if you have still doubt on how to recover the forget then also you need not to worry as there is always an helpline for the users provide by Microsoft as Microsoft Support Team which works for all the day and every time for the users to help. Follow the procedure which is going to be explained below in order to get the Wi-Fi password.

  • Go to the start Menu and then for the Control Panel
  • Then Click for the Network and Sharing Center and then after this from the top select view your active networks, click on the connections, then you will get displayed the Wi-Fi status.
  • Go for the Wireless and then you need to opt for security key. From there, you will get the password.