Simple Steps To Recover Data From A Seagate Hard Drive

This article lets you know about data recovery from Seagate external / internal hard drive when you have deleted, formatted or has errors while accessing the drive. Nearly every computer user knows that Seagate is world’s largest producer of hard disks, thus it means that Seagate hard disks are widely used across the world. However while using the hard disk there are many situations which can be encountered leading to data recovery. And in this situation the ideal tool which can come handy is Recover Seagate Hard Drive tool, which is especially designed to recover Seagate data.

recover Seagate data

What are the usual situations which most users encounter?

  • While managing hard drive data you may be moving, copying, replacing, and deleting the data thus there are chances that you may accidentally delete a file and later regret for having deleted the file. In the same manner if you accidentally format the drive without taking backup then you may find yourself in deep trouble
  • At times your hard disk may not get recognized, prompt with format error (may have turned RAW due to missing file system) and other unknown reasons
  • Mishandling the device incorrectly, for example if you have connected the hard drive to a computer then you will have to use safe removal option in order to eject the drive instead of suddenly ejecting the drive
  • Partitioning activities such as deleting partition, merging, shrinking and other such activities should be performed by taking backup. If something goes wrong you will lose huge amount of data from the drive

It might seem for a user that files have lost from the drive, but files have never been removed from the drive but for some exceptional cases. And these exceptional cases are unto users who can avoid these kinds of things.

Things to Avoid: Do not use the drive after deletion of files until you recover the required files. It includes deleting, moving, replacing, copying, fragmentation, installation of program, partitioning and others.

Facts of Recover Seagate Hard Drive

  • This tool can recover Seagate data with much ease; it makes use of user interface which can make the process so simple that even a novice user can easily accomplish the task
  • It can recover many kinds of files such as video file, songs, archives (zip, rar files), documents and almost all kinds of files which are commonly used. Additionally it allows you to add / edit signature in order to make the Seagate data recovery process precise and concise
  • Soon after hard drive scanning you can preview the recovered data, with this handy feature one can know the recovery possibilities before even purchase of the tool
  • Not just supports recovery of data from Seagate hard drives but also recovers data from other brands such as Transcend, Samsung, WD, LaCie many others
  • Can recover data even from other devices such as flash drives, memory cards, iPods, cameras, camcorders and various others
  • Helps recovery of data when the files are deleted, drive is formatted, data lost while partitioning, other fatal errors

Tip: It is always good to have backup of all your important files as hard drive failures are common. With backups you can easily restore the lost data very quickly

Is it Possible to Recover My Hard Drive Data?

Hard disk drives are primary used to store data. They are used to store all types of your vital data in your computer. However, most of times, you may endup in data loss from your hard drive due to various issues. On such circumstances, if you ask to yourself that is it possible to recover my hard drive data? This answer would be yes it’s possible! That why, this article is mentioned with simpler method of recovering data from hard disk and also states some of the causes for data loss in hard disk drives. Before that, take look over the real time hard drive data loss scenarios that took place.

recover my hard drive

“Hi I am jean, few days back I lost some of my valuable data from my hard disk, due to I accidentally formatted my hard disk of my Mac computer thinking that, I have taken backup of the data presented on the drive. But, after formatting my hard drive I realized that I missed out some of the recent document. This made me worried a lot , but my worries was easily taken over when I came across this efficient “Data Recovery” software by which I was able to recovery all my formatted files from hard drive easily. Thank you data recovery utility”

Reasons for data loss / deletion in hard drive:

  • Deletion: Suppose, When you click the delete a file/ folder from the hard drive it is not entirely deleted. Most of the deleted files are saved on the Recycle Bin. Until, if the erased data exceeds the size of the Recycle Bin or if you’re empty the Recycle Bin of your computer without checking its contents, then it will be permanently deleted. Which may cause, data loss from hard drive.
  • Operating system reinstallation: While, re-installing the operating systems you have to format your hard drive where you have installed your operating systems. If you had saved some important data in that specific hard drive then you will lose the data presented on the hard drive.
  • File system error: The file system such as NTFS, FAT, FAT-32 etc. of your hard drive is responsible for allocating space to your logical drives. Suppose, If the “header” of the file system is corrupted then you will definitely loose data presented on the hard drive. Since, this problem cause inaccessible of your hard drive the only option to access your hard drive is by formatting it.
  • Other factors: There are also various other reasons which could lead you in data loss in hard drives such as Bad sectors in the hard drive, accidental format, write protection error, MBR corruption, blue screen error etc. may result in data loss in hard disk drives.

Features of data recovery tool:

This application is the most trusted and widely used tool to recover various types of data from different hard disk manufactures like Seagate, Lomega, Transcend, Hitachi, LaCie, Samsung, Sony, Western Digital, Dell, and Lenovo so on. Data recovery application is excellent tool having capabilities to rescue hard drive data from both Windows and Mac OS. Apart from Hard drive this can also be used to retrieve data from various data storage device like USB stick, memory cards, pen drives, external storage devices etc. You can download the demo version of the application for free and give it a try before using the full version of the tool.

Recover Deleted Files

Today the technology made the human work easier and unproblematic. Computers can manage all kinds of information like any official files, music, photos, and videos. We simply use computer to store them and we can use them whenever needed. If you lose any crucial data from hard drive which is too important for you. You will be under tension and thinking which way to go and how to recover files from corrupt hard drive. You may be looking for technical assistance or searching for the recovery tools. Nothing to worry about this data loss scenario, there is strong software to recover all these lost files from your hard drive. So first concentrate why these files get lost from hard drive and why the hard drive corrupt.

  • Third party appliance: – Files are habitually missed due to human mistakes like deletion files using Shift +Del keys. Mistakenly emptied Recycle Bin improper usage of the external storage device like pen drive, memory card, external USB drive etc. may results in data loss from hard drive.
  •  Failure of defragmentation: – significant files or entire files from hard drive may acquire corruption due to defragmentation failure. The defragmentation procedure may be broken up or unfinished due to not enough disk space on hard drive, software malfunction; corrupted data on hard drive etc. can make to lose your data
  • Power failure: – unintentional shutdown during file transfer process may also direct to the file loss from hard drive. In case if you are not using the UPS, and power may fail while formatting/or partitioning the drive there is a chance of losing the data.
  • Virus infection:-viruses are the most endangered factors, which will corrupt the files and the entire drive may become inaccessible, resulting in data loss.
    The deleted or lost files do not lost permanently lost, it is simply stay behind and is invisible. Recover files from corrupt hard drive tool can handle all types of data loss scenarios from hard drive.

Hence this software is build with several powerful attributes and is designed by experts. It has the capacity to rescue deleted files from interrupted read/write process on hard drive. This software can process on complete drive; files deleted due to severe virus attack can be recovered instantly. This recovery tool has its personal approach and exceptional file system to manage all data loss scenarios. This software has a skill to save abnormal types of files on your hard drive. One more additional advantage of this software is that, it recovers all type of data from hard drive and does not change the original data on your hard drive. Recover software works really well to recover data from corrupted drives easily.

But in few cases you need to pay concentration, like overwriting. After losing data from hard drive, do not overwrite drive with new data. If you overwrite means, deleted files cannot be retrieved and results in permanent loss. Do not install any recovery utility on the affected drive, it may result in overwriting the drive and result in permanent loss.
This software provides its trial version to test its performance. Download the demo version and install on unaffected drive and run it, all lost data will be retrieved and will be viewable. You can use the “save session “option to avoid frequent scanning. Once you buy the real version of this software means you can make use of “save session” option. In order to access the lost or deleted data from drive, you need to buy the real version of this recovery software

The way to Restore Corrupted Partitions of windows OS

Anyone individuals trying to restore data from corrupt partition on Lenovo idea pad laptops? If that’s the case then listed here is a solution to your problem. Partition of hard drive is certainly not but the process of dividing the memory or storage space into different sections, each section is called like a disk. If you want to install multiple operating system then you need partitioning within your computer. In the event you lose or delete partition or if perhaps you have any severe issues regarding for the corruption of partition you’ll be able to use partition recovery software. This software allows you to restore corrupted partitions with utmost ease.

How partitions could get corrupt?

While formatting/ re-formatting and repartition
: By using third party tool, if you are attempting to format/re-format or repartition your system hard disk drive then, during this if any error occurs like sudden system shutdown and process get interrupted this can lead to loss of data.
Virus or malware attack: Virus or malware attack causes the deletion of system log files which ends up in loss of data in the hard drive partition.
Incorrect use of Windows Disk Management: If you are using the Windows Disk Management utility to create partitions, to give partition or to shrink partition if this process leads in improper way then it may result to data loss.

These are the very basic causes which lead to harm to partitions. If you want to stop the corruption of partitions you’ll be able to keep to the following mentioned steps.

  •      To partition hard drive you need to use trustworthy 3rd party                               tool.
  • The most important thing always keep a backup of important data.
  •      You can update antivirus in order to avoid virus or malware   attack.
  •      You must use UPS to avoid sudden power loss.

Still lots of you could lose your hard disk drive partitions then in these cases you should use the very best partition recovery tool. Before acquiring the software you can use its demo version. The demo version can have your lost or deleted data. If you think satisfied with your recoverable results then you can choose that software.

The following is just about the most popular and greatest partition recovery tool,Which helps you to recover lost or deleted files and folders from corrupted / damaged partitions. This utility allows you to recover all lost photos, audio files, video clips along with other important file types. This software is capable to recover nearby 300 file types. The software comes with an inbuilt search engine which assists to discover lost or missed partitions from your hard disk drive. The application helps you to recover data from corrupted file systems like NTFS, FAT. This software can also help you to perform hard disk drive recovery when it is crashed or does not able to boot. You are able to download the demo version of the software and helps to preview your recovery results. Many is compatible with all the Windows latest versions like, Windows 7, Windows, Windows 7 etc.



Guidelines to unformat data from formatted hard drive

Formatting is the process of setting up an empty file system on the hard drive and installing a boot sector. This is a quick operation is sometimes referred to as quick formatting. Quick formatting the Drive will erase all the user’s data stored under the particular drive. When you format the drive the formatted data will not be removed permanently from the hard drive. It is because of the formatted data still present on the hard drive but the area is reallocated for storing the new data and file pointers are reset. To unformat data from the hard drive you need to use good third party quick format recovery software.

A quick format is referred as high level format, this deletes entries from the file allocation table and leaves the actual files intact. If you choose the Quick format option in your PC then format erases all files from the particular partition. In this case it does not scan the disk for bad sectors. This option can be used only if your hard disk has been previously formatted and you are sure that your hard disk is not damaged. Let us reveal few case scenarios in which the data loss may happen due to quick formatting the drive.

Suppose in your Hard Disk Drive (HDD), one drive named as ‘D’ is not having enough free disk space and you want to install something in it. Consider you have inserted the DVD into computer and selected the ‘D’ drive for installation. Because of low disk space available on the ‘D’ drive you may get a message saying that this drive should be formatted. In this instance accidentally if you agree with format then quick format of the drive ‘ D’ will take place. This will erase all the content on the ‘D’ drive.

You can connect memory card, pen drive or any other device as a USB drive to your computer. Accidentally if you choose the quick format for USB drive when the pen drive is connected then the pen drive data will be erased completely. Quick format will clean up the pen drive. For FAT 32 file system formatted USB pen drive, quick format pretty much just wipes out the FAT table and deletes the file and directory information at the root of the partition.

However, nothing to worry you can download and use the Quick Format recovery software, this software is devised to perform best Quick formatted data recovery when you accidentally used the quick format option for USB drive or disk drive. This software is competent and predicate to recover files from quick formatted HDD on windows 7. Even this tool can be used for recovering quick formatted data from the various storage devices like USB pen drive, secure digital card, extreme digital card, multimedia card, memory stick, compact flash card and other USB drives. This software supports the recovery of formatted data from the SATA, SCSI, and IDE interfaced hard drive.

How hard drive retrieval tool helps to recover lost data?

Hard drives can be categorized as internal and external. The internal hard drives are placed inside the computers. External hard drives are plugged to the system through USB port for storing large amounts of data. Most of the users divide the hard disk into multiple partitions for fast and easy access that increase the performance of system. You can even use single hard disk without partitioning also. When you use single hard drive, operating system and other applications installed are stored on same hard disk. If the hard disk is corrupted, then data stored on it is lost. Sometimes, drive does not boot for installing operating system also. Hence, most of the users avoid using single hard drive. The maximum storage capacity of the hard disk is 4 TB. Depending upon the usage of the users, this capacity is increasing rapidly. Most of the manufacturers of the hard drives release formatted hard drives into the market. Formatting removes bad sectors on the disk and allocates the file system after installing operating system. After successful formatting of the hard disk, it makes sure that all sectors are reliable to use.

FAT or NTFS file system are used by Windows OS. Formatting the hard disk or partition erases the linking index of the files that are stored in the file allocation table (FAT). The files or folders that are stored on the partition are not permanently lost and recovered using hard drive data retrieval software.

Accidental deletion of the partition from Windows Disk management utility, accidental formatting, errors during file system conversion, file system corruption, partition errors while creating new partitions are some of the scenarios that lead to data loss from hard drive.

To avoid data loss from hard disk consider some of the precautions like using uninterrupted power supply to prevent power surge problems, shutting down the system after closing all the programs or tasks, taking backup regularly etc. If the file system is corrupted, data becomes inaccessible. So, make sure that file system is not corrupted by following above-mentioned preventive measures. After taking necessary measurements also, you may lose data due to hard drive crash. Use the best recovery tool that recovers lost or deleted data from hard drive efficiently. Use the tool immediately after recognizing that data is lost from system. Do not save or install other applications that may overwrite the data with new data where the recovery becomes impossible using recovery tool also.

Remo Recover (Windows) Pro edition is powerful recovery tool that helps to recover the data from hard drive even after formatting or re-installing operating system. This software has the ability to recover the lost data due to partitioning errors. This software recovers the data from hard disk when it is crashed or does not boot. This utility recovers data from SATA/IDE/SCSI etc. hard drives. This has the ability to create a disk image file that is replica of your hard drive by using “Disk Image feature” which enables you to recover data from it. You can download the demo version and preview recovered data before saving it.