How to Restore Downloaded Files?

I have downloaded lots of best quality videos and movies. While deleting unwanted files from PC, I accidentally select those downloaded files. As a result of which downloaded files get permanently deleted with unwanted files. It takes lots of effort to download those files. I am looking for effective software which is capable to answer how to restore downloaded files from any of the storage device? Please suggest me…..!!!!!

Are you a victim of such similar scenario? If yes, you can use File Recovery Download software to perform downloaded file recovery with great ease. This software is able to recover files from different storage device such as hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, etc. By using File Recovery Download tool, you recover files in few simple steps. This software recovers both deleted and lost downloaded files with ease. It is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating system.

Reasons for deletion of downloaded files

Command Prompt: While deleting unwanted files using command prompt, user accidentally select wrong drive. This results in deletion of entire file store in that drive including downloaded files permanently.

Recycle Bin Size: The size of recycle bin is 10% of the size of hard drive. When user accidentally deleted large downloaded files, and the size of downloaded file exceeds the size of recycle bin. Then downloaded files get permanently deleted from system.

Accidental Formatting: Formatting clear all files and folder stored in a hard drive or any other storage device. If user accidentally clicks format option while performing some other task, then it might results in deletion of files and folders from storage device.

Improper Transfer: Interruption during file transfer results in loss of files from storage device. While transferring downloaded files from system to storage device or vice versa, system shut down due to interruption such as power failure. Then, you lose your downloaded files from system.

Other Reasons: Several other reasons which are responsible for loss of downloaded files are improper ejection, virus attack, using third party application, etc.

If you are facing above mentioned scenario, you can use File Recovery Download tool to overcome all complicated situation. It provides facility to users to save recovered files either on internal or external storage device. You can easily download this effective application through internet.

Features of File Recovery Download Software

  • File Recovery Download tool can be easily installed on all the latest version of Windows and Mac.
  • It is one of the fastest applications which scans storage device first then recovers deleted or lost files from different storage device.
  • It recovers different files such as images, videos, songs, documents in few simple steps.
  • It is 100% secure application which is free from virus/malware attack.
  • Demo version is available which recovers deleted or lost downloaded files and user is able to preview the recovered file.
  • It is the finest application which is available online across the world.

Recommended Utility to Rescue All Kind of Files

Major part of the hard disks of the computer is utilized to store all type of media files for example video and audio files, image files as well major of the portion is used up for document files also. File loss problems are foreseeable on computers. Some of file loss occur as consequences of the intentional deletion/ formatting/reformatting, etc. and many of the users will complain about the accidental loss or deletion scenarios resulting in the file loss.

People are so concerned about their memories and make quiet more investments to gather all the beautiful and memorable moments of their life, so that they can once again feel and live those moments through the sources like images, video clips, audio recordings, etc. Variety of new Digital Gadget such as digital camera, Smart Android phones, etc.  are introduced in the market for this purpose. But you must be fed off of the data loss or file loss problems on your personal digital multimedia devices. As a human being we cannot be perfect and human errors are natural. We may often happen to lose our files due to accidental deletion and formatting/reformatting. Besides these human errors some of the files loss scenarios such as dead hard disk, Windows corruption, crashing of operating systems, etc. are also considerable.

If we talk about the solution to all these problems then ultimately file recovery programs is the option that strikes to our minds and also it is considered as the last hope to convalesce lost files. Use this recovery software on your respective system if you have lost any of your important file and have it back in just few clicks. It is the fastest tool in the task of recovering missing files from all internal and external data storage devices or electronic gadgets. One of the best file recovery appliances is right on your computers screen be quick to grab this and get back files that you have lost far behind.

Scenarios Related to File Loss

    • Formatting /Reformatting of the hard disk without taking backup
    • Accidental formatting
    • Accidental deletion of the files from the drives like external hard drives, pen drives, thumb drives, etc.
    • Deletion of files through the use of Shift + Delete keys
    • Deleting files from external drives when attached to PC
    • Partitioning/ Repartitioning
    • Operating system crash
    • Dead Hard Disk
    • Dead Partitions
    • Human Error
    • Power Surge

If you are looking out for a way then here is most recommended a popular tool which is used worldwide and is also available at most reasonable and affordable prices. You do not have to think more before this software.

Unique Features of the Software

  • Recovers accidentally deleted files and folders of all kind of file format
  • All type of Media files, Word files which are deleted from the mobile phone, memory stick, and all other similar type of drives
  • Recuperates files from crashed and non bootable partitions
  • Inbuilt with advanced scanning algorithm to get back lost files
  • You will be able to recover lost files from formatted partitions even after installation of operating system
  • Files that had Bypassed Recycle Bin can also be easily recovered by the usage of this tool


Simple Way to Undelete Excel files

Usually all individuals beginning from small retail merchant to large financial accountant use Microsoft Excel application to keep track of the detailed information about their goods or products. Not only for business purpose, excel is also used by normal people to make list of monthly expenditures. In excel sheet data is organized in the form of rows and columns. You can also use it to do mathematical calculations, one can also include graphs, charts, histograms, etc to excel spreadsheet. Therefore, excel files are also used as graphing tool to track the scores of games, annual budgets, and for many purposes.

Let us consider an accountant who stored monthly sales information about all products in an excel file. To have easy access he thought to store all excel files of one year in a folder, while moving files using Cut + Paste operation he faced a system shutdown before he pasted it to the destination location. Therefore he lost some of spreadsheets containing valuable information, which takes a long period to recreate. All knows how irritating it can be after losing important excel files. The user tries all around to restore deleted files, but nothing comes into his hand. Don’t worry, if you are in this kind of situation, it is possible to restore deleted excel document with the aid of a reliable File Recovery Software.

Let us have a look at some common possibilities where deletion of files occurs:

  • Accidentally using Shift + Delete key combination, causes permanent deletion of files.
  • If you accidentally delete large excel files, then they may bypass Recycle Bin. So it is not possible to retrieve them from Windows Bin.
  • Unintentionally formatting hard drive partition leads to loss of a huge number of files residing in it.
  • Some third party application may also delete files without your notice.
  • Due to abrupt system shutdown while upgrading Operating System, installing latest software’s, changing system configurations tends to loss of essential files preserved on the system.
  • Antivirus scan may also delete virus infected excel files

You can restore permanently deleted excel files using File Undelete software. This software works well with Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.

NOTE: Always try to backup all essential files using external hard drive.

Benefits of File Recovery tool:

  • It has a simple user interface, therefore it is easy to use without any technical knowledge about file recovery.
  • The File Recovery software restores lost excel files along with formulas, charts, graphs tables, etc efficiently.
  • This software can restore permanently deleted excel files of various versions of the Microsoft Excel such as Excel 2010, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel 2002, Excel 2000 and so on.
  • It can restore excel spreadsheets of various formats such as .xls, .xla, .xlsx, etc.
  • It can also restore word documents lost due to accidental formatting of HD partitions.
  • How to recover a missing PowerPoint files is your query, then File Recovery software is best suits to retrieve lost presentation files.
  • Recovers files based on their file name, file size, files format and date of creation.

The File Recovery software will safely retrieve deleted or lost files and folders. It is suggested to download demo edition of the application to evaluate recovery results. Demo form offers you to preview of the all erased files. Buy the paid version to save your recovered files back.

How to restore deleted files from Windows OS?

Microsoft introduced Windows OS in the year 1985. This is the normally used OS on most of the systems, which is also popular for its simple interface and affordable price. There are different versions of Windows OS like Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. The most recent version is Windows 8 that has advanced features like built-in antivirus capabilities, Windows apps store, USB 3.0 support, faster boot capabilities, and possesses new file system called ReFS (Resilient File System). Although, Windows have top quality technologies, in a few situation human faults or software errors makes loss or deletion of files or documents saved on it.

Let’s consider situation, where a user’s system has Windows 7 Operating System. The user considered to upgrade this version to Window 8. While upgrading, the procedure gets interrupted by abnormal system shutdown due to sudden power loss. This may lead to system crash, thus user lost access to large numbers of Windows files. Don’t take tension, if you don’t have backup of important files, you’ll be able to restore lost or deleted files from Windows OS. You may use Data Recovery utility to rescue Windows files.

There are several reasons that might results in deletion of important files on Windows:

Human mistake: In hurry, most of the users may unintentionally delete necessary files along useless files from system, through Shift + Delete keys. Thus, it’s impossible to retrieve files from Windows Recycle Bin. There is no need to get depressed for losing files, because it is easy to restore permanently deleted file from system using Data Recovery tool.

Improper Cut + Paste operation: This sort of data deletion scenario occurs, when user moving files from one partition to another or transferring files to/from removable storage devices. Sometimes interruption occurs while transferring file using Cut + Operations. In these situation user may end on top of data loss.

Recycle Bin oversize issue: Generally, Windows Recycle Bin occupies 10% of system storage. Sometime there exists a chance for overfilling this temporary storage folder. Whenever temporary storage folder can exceeds its size,  deleted files are directed to this folder and older files automatically get deleted from this temporary folder without any alert message. It results into permanent loss of some important files.

Virus or malware attack: If your system is infected by virus or malware, then there is an opportunity of deletion of virus infected files. In certain scenarios antivirus software could also deletes malware infected files, while scanning the system.

If you encounter these data deletion scenarios, then it is suggested to use Data Recovery utility. This tool provides assurance to simple, secure, and fast restoration of lost or deleted files from the Windows Operating System. It could rescue deleted word documents, excel files, PPT’s, PDF files, and may more. By using tool it is also possible to restore lost photos on Computer successfully. It is the reliable software for your Windows system, mainly because it restores missing files from deleted or corrupted partitions even in most complex situations. You may invariably restore lost or deleted data from FAT 32, FAT 16, EXTFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 partitions. Its read-only feature ensures safe recovery of missing data, without disturbing original valuables in system.
Even it is possible to retrieve lost or deleted files from removable storage devices such as memory cards (Secure Digital cards, Multimedia cards, Compact Flash cards, XD cards, memory sticks etc.), flash drives, external hard disks, etc. Data Recovery tool helps to regain files that are lost or deleted files from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 arrays. You are able to undelete files from various versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and the like. It can be appropriate for hard disks manufactured by different the likes of Toshiba, Apple, Sony, Samsung, buffalo, Kingston, Seagate, Western Digital, iOmega, Maxtor, Fujifilm, Transcend and others.

TIPS: It is better to backup essential files on external hard disks and look after good antivirus software to keep your system far from viruses.

Have you lost valuable files from Windows system? Then, instantly download and install free demo type of the Windows Recovery Software. After, run this system based on onscreen instructions. Then you must pick the drive in which you lost files, next the software scans the whole drive. Later it displays the lost or deleted files depending on file name, file extension, file size, etc. To save these files you should buy licensed version.

Solutions to recover lost data

Many times the user can lose data from computer because of the mistakes, by way of example at sometime you might like to clean up your pc but while doing the work you’ve got erased anything from it along with some precious photos of past events along with the current office documents, wedding invitations, etc. When such incident happens to you usually you will get an issue what’s on your mind like how to recover lost data? You could possibly have a look at any luck to get data back or any advice from your file recovery experts.

Once you encountered this kind of loss of data situation where you have lost many important files which were stored in your computer hard drive or any other storage media, then you may get free recovery software and continue to recover lost files but unluckily you’ll not have the expected result. If you discussed such difficulty with your friend or any other computer expert, absolutely you are going to arrive at aware that for what extent the free recovery tools works as well as for what scenarios you should make use of paid tools. Actually, more often than not you are able to recover lost data from hard drive only by utilizing reliable tools that you should pay. Even using free tools, sometimes they cause further damage to crucial computer data and hence results in permanent loss of information.

There is various data loss situations in which you desire to make use of perfect recovery applications like recover file software. This software performs file recovery in all situations like if the hard drive is corrupted, OS crash, improper shutdown of personal computer, emptied Recycle Bin, re-partitioning error, unintentional formatting or re-formatting of partition, etc. At all these situations you can run file recovery software on your desktop since it performs deep scanning of drive and restores all lost data within couple of minutes.

Most of the loss of data reasons that happen to be explained above, still your data remains intact on drive. Hence you will get desperation gain access to these files by making use of right tool. The most effective tools to recoup lost files are file recovery software qualified to retrieve data from various storage devices like photographic camera memory cards, USB drives, hard drive, iPod, FireWire drives, etc. It can be made with various recovery modules so it can readily perform deleted data recovery even from the emptied Recycle Bin.

One can possibly glance at the features and performance with the software by using demo version, before purchasing actual one. The trial version works exactly identical to complete sort of the program except the save option. By running demo version you’ll be able to scan complete drive to obtain the set of all recoverable files. In case you have required files from the list, save them by purchasing license key of the software. Even you save the recovery session using “save recovery session” option to be able to recover lot of files with less effort.

Best file recovery software for Windows

There are no words to talk about Windows systems; it had already fulfilled all uses expectations. As a result of this it emerges as one of the most well-known computers and provides extraordinary versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2002-2008. You can take up Windows computers to collect important data like your project files, folders, crucial videos, momentous photos. But in some instances you may possibly finish up data deletion from your Windows. You may perhaps delete some essential files which could contain significant data. You might be thinking how to recover deleted file. Then, it’s important to have a third party recovery utility to recover all data lost / deleted. Our best file recovery software can support you to get back all files from your Windows computers. There exist many reasons in queue to make you lose data. Most frequent reasons are listed down, simply be aware of them.

Common scenarios to delete files from your Windows systems:-

  • Virus attack: – Important files deletion commonly occurs due to this risky virus. Thus, when virus is located in your system, then it can damage the entire file system and brings you to data loss situation.
  • Accidental deletion: – You may possibly delete the not chosen data instead of deleting chosen files. Thus, misguidedly you can delete files and it could tend to lose imperative data.
  • Sudden termination: – If you rapidly shut down your system, it swiftly closes all files which, that case your data will be inaccessible and lost from your approach.
  • Bad sectors: – Bad sectors can exist due to configuration malfunction, desecrated boot records, discerning read / write processes; file system corruption etc. are the factors which usually form bad sectors in your system. This bad sector cause corruption to files stored on system.

After losing important data, avoid storing any other files it will tend to overwrite the deleted files. Then, it could escalate your data to permanent loss. Utilize Anti Virus program to secure your system from virus attacks.

This Windows file revival tool is capable recover all files which are deleted or corrupted from your system. It is put up with prevailing algorithms and reliability of the tool is well-known by the luminous retrieval presentation of file recovery program. It efficiently recovers all files beyond your expectations.

File recovery program is capable to recover all types of files and can be used all Windows versions. It has the ability to recover all files from formatted drives, OS re-installing crash and booting malfunction. It productively recovers text documents, OLE objects, along with hyperlinks etc. Once you complete recovery, you might sight them on new location. It is accomplished to do read only action on your system and it won’t shift, modify or obliterate any data. This best recovery software includes experienced well with built-in scan utility; it identifies all deleted and lost files and summon other data even.

You may download the demo edition of this Windows recovery software to emphasize its potential and run it. It will scan speedily and recovers all lost data. You can utilize “Save Recovery Session” option to stay away from re-scanning. In order to save all recovered files, very soon you have to purchase the full edition of this tool.



Simple steps to restore files from hard disk drives

In this modern era, millions of people prefer to store their data by making files. So when it comes to storing these files, hard disk drives are considered to be the most widely used data storage drive. All of the computers from desktops to laptops are inbuilt with hard disks. Hard disks are the important part of your personal computer and further it can be divided into multiple logical drives called as partitions. With these partitions you are able to differentiate the data according to your need.

However, hard disk drives are not the perfect component that they can malfunctions at some points due to various reasons like power failure, malware attack, operating system crash etc. This could lead to corruption of files saved in the hard drives which will not let you to access the information and you might end up losing all of your important files. The best way to overcome data loss problem is to restore the files by making use of some third party file recovery software. One such effective software is easy file recovery software which can restore deleted or lost files from different storage devices for example memory cards, pen drives, external HDD, USB flash drive, hard drives, etc. with utmost ease. Here are a few file loss scenarios which you might come across in your future while utilizing hard drives.

Few common data loss scenarios:

  • By mistake formatting the wrong hard drive partition causes loss of data saved in the device.
  • Harmful viruses might infect your system when you use any unprotected network or copy any virus infected files to your PC.
  • Any type of interruption when the defragmentation process is in progress because of any reason leads to loss of files from the storage device.
  • Hardware malfunctions might corrupt the operating system files which results in inaccessibility of the Windows hard drive leading to data loss.
  • Abrupt termination of the PC due to power outages causes file system corruption which in turn results in loss of data.

After losing data from the hard disk drive due to nay of the reasons the very first thing which you need to do is don’t use the drive to add any new file to prevent overwriting of overwriting of original data and increasing the possibilities of file recovery. For the above explained data loss scenarios easy file recovery software is the ideal solution which can efficiently carry out hard drive file recovery without facing any difficulty. This utility comes up with powerful scanning algorithm which can scan the entire hard drive and recovers the files with the help of file attributes. This tool supports various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS and more. It can retrieve files from both Mac and Windows based computers. This application is capable of restoring files that are deleted or lost from various types of hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc, just in few mouse clicks.

Obtain the demo version of the easy file recovery software and install it on the hard disk drive of the system. After installing the recovery tool double click on the desktop icon to open the application. Then choose the appropriate recovery options that you simply face while using the tool. When you are done with the process of recovery you can evaluate the performance of the software and if you’re happy with the final results you can use its complete software available on the internet.




Simple steps to recover deleted video file

Everyone prefers to stores their important files in their personal computers or perhaps in removable drives. These files could be anything video, picture, movie, projects, software backups and etc. Nowadays every one of the standard drives are come with extra safety and are very reliable but even so you will find chances for this to go wrong. Normally files get deleted because of various reasons among which accidental deletion of file is quite common. Assume you accidentally deleted your last vacation video, I know it is such a painful situation. If you are one who is going through with the same situation, then don’t lose your calmness. Take a deep breath, and without worrying much select video recovery tool. It will help one to get back deleted videos files.

When a file is deleted from the computer or other storage drive, file system just loses the file entry of this file. The file contents still remain on your drive. Also it simply marks that deleted space as free for storing new files. As many times you employ your storage drive for storing new files, the chances of you recovering the deleted video file goes down.

Common reasons how file gets deleted:

  • Unintentionally deleting a crucial video file
  • Third party application like antivirus sometime itself deletes the infected files.
  • Accidental formatting of drive will delete entire data from the storage drive.
  • Deleting videos file by using “Shift +del” combination
  • Virus infection about the drive
  • Power failure when file is being used

These dreadful scenarios give rise to question is it is possible to recover deleted file? If yes then how can i recover my videos? Is there is any reliable tool which can perform recovery in a safe and secure manner. To resolve them all industry experts has designed a software name as video recovery. The miracle traffic bot can rescue your deleted files within a very short period, irrespective of the reason the way it gets deleted. Video which are also deleted as a result of format may also be easily retrieved with the use of professional video recovery software.

It is among the best utility for performing deleted video file recovery on Windows operating system. The program uses advanced algorithms to spot and to recover deleted files. Using this tool you can recover different files for example music and video (ASF, ASX, WMV, MPG, AVS, AMR, MIDI, and etc.), images files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and etc.), text documents, databases, emails and etc.

If you want to use this tool then just go-ahead and download free trial version of it and run the software by using software manual. View the retrieved data in two different views which is data view and file type view which helps you while exploring deleted file. Select the file from the list which you want to recover back. Have a preview of recovered files, it assists you in that weather to go for full version or not. If its results are satisfactory go because of its licensed version to save your recovered video in desired location. The application also allows you to compress the files before saving in order to save memory.

Undeleting the files from hard disk.

Saving data could not be easy task if don’t have a reliable tools to do so.

The quantity of data can be much or can be less, but the importance of data is always there. So to save the data we need some reliable tools which can keep our data preserved, completing this requirement we have some tools they are hard drives, USB drives, memory cards (flash drives), iPods (the device to play music and to watch videos), CDs, DVDs, floppy which saves data and keep them secure for longs time. These devices are specially designed and built with the intensity to save the data and provide them the best way to get accessed.  But as every electronic device has some ways to be used these devices also demands for intensive care and way of usage. User must be very careful while using the data and devices.

Data loss sufferers’ list includes these devices.

Any Operating System machine or any stogie device like mobile phone, iPods, hard disk, USB all have the same threat that is of data loss. Will see what all the ways of data loss as they are not certain but they are there to threat. There are many reasons behind the data loss but most of them are due to bad conducts in which most of them are due to human error. And except that there are many more reasons as file if skips the recycle bin. To unerase file we have some recue ways.

As mention above there is a way to unerase files from certain medium.

File can be undeleted from different mediums one of them is from recycle bin, so we can easily unerase file from recycle bin.

Not only recycle bin face data loss but there are many more in the list. Overall the data can be corrupted and here are those ways which are behind the data loss. Ways having higher priority are abrupt shutting down of a system which done by using power button on CPU or by plugging out the plug, ejecting devices connected to system,  Using shift delete button in order to delete the files which skips the data to get stored in recycle bin, not using safely remove option to disconnect the devices.

The ways to save data from loss but generally are avoided. 

Updated version of the antivirus program missing in the system, Keeping the size of recycle bin less which skips the deleted data to get stored in the recycle bin, formatting or reformatting of devices or the medium in which your data is saved without creating a backups.

To defend against loss scenarios we have these precautions.

Ways to defend against the data loss are so easy but need some time to follow, updating antivirus in your system, backup creation of files are very important before formatting or reformatting of system.

Data if lost completely then also we can recover the data.

 For this you can download the software from internet which will facilitate you with the feature of recovery. And at the end you will be enriched with the lost data. But it’s always recommended to avoid recovery as it is not always reliable.

Introduction to Windows Vista

Windows Vista was developed by Microsoft and is much secure, high quality and includes many advanced features. Many people would agree that protecting a Windows operating system from online threat or viruses is a big headache. Vista provides an improved security feature. Vista includes a built-in firewall and Windows Defender to prevent your system from virus attacks, spyware. It also includes Bitlocker, which can encrypt the hard drive to safe the data when the system is lost or intentionally discarded.

It also offers two flavors of Vista for corporate customers- Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Business. Windows Vista Business is a general-purpose operating system and is similar to Windows XP professional whereas Windows Vista Enterprise is developed for complex organizations.

Features of Windows Vista

Windows Vista comes with the most advanced features. Some of the features are

  1. Graphical-user interface: Windows Vista consists of different visual look as compare to the previous versions of Widows. The new interface is known as “Aero” which provides glass-like translucent effect.
  2. Windows Ready Boost: Windows Vista includes a brand new technology known as Ready Boost. Ready Boost provides the feature to use USD flash. By using this you can improve system performance and extend system memory.
  3. Backup and Restore: It includes backup and restore option in the control panel. You can easily enable the backup the previous versions of files or your entire computer. You can also browse and search for files and restore them after backing up.
  4. Speech Recognition: Vista is the first Windows operating system which supports speech recognition. You can control your computer by giving voice commands and you can also enable many applications.

Since Windows Vista consists of built in security features it gets corrupted sometimes. It can be corrupted by virus attacks, sometimes you may delete the files by accidentally pressing shift + delete key and later you want to recover it back. Sometimes hardware corrupts and results in file corruption and deletion. In all such cases a file recovery software can recover windows files from emptied recycle bin, hard drives, disk drives, memory cards or from any storage devices. It can recover windows vista files, XP files, windows 2003 files and files from all versions of Windows operating system. Windows file recovery software can recover files from deleted FAT and NTFS partitions also. You can follow the steps to download Windows file recovery software

Step 1:-Create an icon on the desktop after downloading the Windows file recovery software on your computer.

Step 2:- Quick launch the software by double clicking on it and select the corrupted drive or partition from which you want to recover corrupted files.

Step 3:- After selecting the corrupted drive, the software will scan the complete drive and start the recovery process.

Step 4:- Once the recovery process completes, you can preview the recovered files.

Step 5:- Save the recovered files any desired location.