How to Fix Corrupt Microsoft Outlook 2010 PST File?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an email application developed by Microsoft which is used in home, school and business organization. This Outlook 2010 version has more advanced features and functionalities compared to other previous Outlook versions. It consists of emails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar items, etc. These elements are stored in PST (personal storage table) files. In some circumstances, PST files may refuse to open and access emails and other contents due to corruption. Consider a scenario wherein you were using Outlook 2010 for sending mails to your colleague. Due to power failure your system suddenly got turned off. After some time when you switched on Outlook, many emails were inaccessible as PST file got corrupted.

Have you eve struck up with similar kind of issue? Are you thinking how your PST file has corrupted and how to fix it?  Well, to get back lost emails you have to repair corrupt Outlook 2010 PST file  by using reliable software one like best file repair. This utility is capable enough to repair damaged Outlook 2010 PST and also helps to get back attachments like documents and images embedded in HTML. Best file repair program also repairs corrupted Outlook 2010 PST file that is damaged when it exceeds size limit.

Common  reasons for corruption in PST file of Outlook 2010 are listed below:

Oversized PST files: Microsoft Outlook 2010 supports larger PST file size of 20 to 50GB. But, it is recommended to keep PST file size within prescribed limits. When the PST file size increases more than this limit, it gets corrupted and Outlook 2010 will not allow you to access data stored in it.

Virus attacks: If computer is not protected by reliable antivirus software it may get infected by harmful viruses. These viruses severely damages PST files making them inaccessible.

Unsecured network: If you are accessing your Outlook PST file over unsecured network, then it might result in corruption of PST file as it gives a chance to unknown users to modify the contents of existing PST file. This in turn extends the PST file size and corrupts it. When you’r PST file gets damaged, then you will not be able to access your Outlook data hence leading to data loss.

Some of the other issues like operating system crash, improper up gradation of Outlook 2010, etc. can also cause corruption in PST files. If any corruption or damage happens to your PST files it results in loss of emails. However, with the help of best file repair software you can quickly fix damaged PST files of Outlook 2010. No matter what is the reason behind corrupted PST file it has the capacity to fix them in couple of mouse clicks. Best file repair is an efficient application which has advanced technology for fixing corrupted PST files thereby helps to recover emails from Microsoft Outlook 2010 without damaging original source. It is reviewed and highly rated by industry experts and used by many people for repairing their corrupt Outlook 2010 PST files.

However, it is better to take precautionary measures in order to avoid corruption of Outlook 2010 PST files. Some precautionary measures are mentioned below:

  • Do not exit MS Outlook 2010 improperly
  • Keep regular backup of your PST files in other storage devices
  • Do not import PST file of older Outlook versions to Outlook 2010 manually
  • Keep updated Anti virus software in your computer

Excellent features of Best File Repair software:

  • Best repair tool has the capacity to scan and repair corrupt Outlook 2010 PST file and recover lost email messages and even tasks, notes, calendar items, contacts, settings, journals, etc.
  • This best file repair program has the ability of repairing password protected and highly encrypted corrupt PST files and even it can fix corrupt OST (Offline storage table) files of Outlook 2010.
  • Along with repairing corrupted Outlook 2010 PST file  it also provides email attachments and email properties like Subject, To, From, CC, BCC and Date
  • Best file repair utility can be installed on different types of Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and 2003.
  • By its simple user interface and effective repair techniques a novice user can employ this application without facing confusions.
  • This repairing tool provides real time preview option by which you can view repaired PST files of Outlook 2010 before saving them in desired location.

How to overcome from PST file corruption problem?

The MS Outlook is regarded as the convenient application which you can use to arrange Mailbox mails like Emails, Calendar, Task, etc. in much stylish and efficient manner. Though, the Outlook works effectively & powerfully, but still some people occasionally happen to face the dark side of the Outlook & that is its link to errors and loss of emails. Usually the user can face the situation of corruption in PST file which holds all your emails and attachments & result in both deletion of emails or their inaccessible state. Few of the specific reasons can make this happen (corruption in PST files). Multitudes of ways exists which will certainly cause problems and will result in errors within .pst file, nevertheless the most valuable thing is that you can use Outlook PST repair software to repair .pst file.

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The most common and popular method to fix a .pst file is to use the Scanpst tool, in some cases the corruption is severe that it is not possible to remove the corruption from using this default tool. Hence, utilize the other software that is specifically designed to repair files which will recover your entire lost and deleted mailbox items. If you are using Scanpst tool then you cannot fix the oversized PST file but by utilizing other alternative tool you can even repair Outlook .pst file over 2GB.


Click on the fasten text link and you will probably get the best Outlook PST Repair utility. This program has such features that it’ll help the different gang of peoples like professionals, average users, etc. in concern of recovering the emails quickly and easily from corrupted .pst files, when other methods fail for repairing the files. The program has a fantastic interface which enables users to use the software very easily. Due to the easiness of the software even average day-to-day computer user will also find it easier to utilize the software and fix the big errors. This software is powerful enough that it could ever work for servers in addition to local computers or client’s computers.

Now here is a framed question from Newbie, Just what is a .PST File?

The .The PST file is actually a container that stores everything associated with Outlook  (specially mailbox items). The abbreviated name of the Personal Storage Table is PST. The files include Emails, file Attachments, Calendar and Journal entries, etc. and also other related Outlook’s attributes. The .pst file is merely similar to other files which are used to store correlated information. The deletion or corruption of PST file could possibly be like a nightmare come true for the common user using Outlook.

Do you know the ways which could infect the .pst files?

Often this occurs, if the defined quality of PST is 2 GB, however if the saving of data crosses the limits then there’ll be corruption of files. Other reasons are virus attack in the system that will turn out to be the reason for corruption in the header section of a file, compressing the PST file for portability, sharing the file over unsecured networks, etc. include the basis for PST file corruption.


If you’re frightened of any type of email loss or deletion then don’t be, as now you have the answer to fix the files using the PST File Repair Software. The software is better in recovering your email and is also quite simple for the newbie mainly because it repairs the corrupted PST file effortlessly.

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You won’t be able to access your Outlook mailbox or any other folder when the PST data file gets damaged. Vital emails, contacts etc. that are stored in this file become unreachable due to corruption. Are you one among those people who are irritated due to the inaccessibility of their Vital Outlook attributes? Then stay calm.

It is possible to get back the access to all your Outlook data within minutes by using highly recommended software such as PST repair tool. If you are thinking that you have lost the data on your MS Outlook permanently then you are completely wrong. Important Microsoft Outlook attributes will be unreachable unless the PST file is freed from corruption. Let us now concentrate on some of the most common reasons behind vital PST file corruption. The major reasons behind Outlook PST corruption are given below. Let us go through each of these in detail

  1. Inappropriate Outlook Termination: Generally when some changes are made to a PST file they are not saved and this careless behavior of Outlook users leads to the inaccessibility of .pst file. When Outlook is terminated in this manner, crucial MS Outlook data is lost. This is one of the most common causes behind Outlook PST file corruption
  2. Microsoft Outlook version up gradation: Due to up gradation of Outlook from older version to newer version PST files normally gets corrupt. When certain interruptions take place while up grading the Outlook, PST files get broken easily. This problem can be handled with ease. With the help of Outlook PST repair application you can safely fix damaged .pst file with utmost ease
  3. Improper system termination: Due to different reasons a system is not terminated properly. Various factors such as unexpected power failure act as major interruptions and lead to the loss of Outlook .pst data files.
  4. Damaged Hard disk: Sometimes PST files get damaged due to the hard disk corruption. Whenever the file system gets damaged hard disk drive gets broken. Not only file system damage but there are so many other factors which result in hard disk damage. Factors such as viruses, power surges and missing files contribute to the corruption of hard disk. When hard drive gets severely damaged due to these reasons the PST files also get broken. This leads to the loss of huge Outlook data. In such a worst situation you can make use of this Microsoft Outlook PST repairer to restore lost Outlook attributes.

All these scenarios result in the loss of sensitive data from Outlook but it is not a permanent loss. With the help of a robust repair utility such as PST repair tool it is quite possible to repair Outlook data files that are lost due to the causes mentioned above. There are various other reasons for PST corruption that are handled with ease by this software. It is a highly reliable application to repair PST files on Windows 7, Win 8, 2003, 2008, Vista and XP computers.

PST files which are missed from Windows laptop of brands such as Toshiba, HCL, Asus, Dell etc. can be rapidly repaired by making use of this utility. You can also make use of this robust application to mend .pst files that are missing from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. If you have missed crucial Outlook file from your Windows machine due to high encryption then you can use this tool to mend MS Outlook PST files in such a condition.