How to Get Deleted Photos Back from Android Phone?

Do you want to recover deleted photos from PC ? Then you are at the right place to get the full description about the deletion/loss & recovery of photos. After reading this article you will be able to recover all your lost or deleted photo files with ease. Infact you will also come to know what could be the reasons behind the deletion of files and what else could save them.

  1. Possible image loss scenarios.
  2. Precautions to prevent them.
  3. Best method to get rid of the problem.

Possible image loss scenarios:

There are several ways that may result in deletion of pictures from storage mediums, but still we have categorized them in following types. They are as follows:

  • Formatting storage device: Formatting of devices is very frequently adopted way of deletion, you can wipe each and every file from the hard disk or other storage devices using format option. When the action is performed intentionally then it may be, to get rid of corrupted files, virus infected files, creation of memory space for further use. If it takes place accidentally or unintentionally or forcefully then there will be loss of files (including pictures if kept in the source)
  • Fault occurrence in storage medium: This may occur due to improper handling of the storage device or the Android phones. Removing the flash memory card from phones abruptly or from the computer system may result in deletion of photos, that too unexpectedly. When the photos are opened in some applications (the photos of memory cards) like Picasa, photo editor and if at that time, the card is ejected abruptly then this could result in deletion of files.
  • Virus Incursion: Virus incursion could be the other reason of data loss from your system. When virus enters your Android phones, memory cards then it may affect them by causing some malfunctioning like photo deletion, photo loss, software glitches, etc. Sometimes it makes the card inaccessible which also restrict the access to the data in the memory cards.
  • Accidental deletion: Very common and obvious cause of image loss/deletion is accidental deletion that may be caused due to human errors (mostly). You might face such situations when you are in a wrong practice or misconception of using the device options. Accidental deletion may occur from hard drives of the computers, memory card of the digital camera, external storage device like pen drive, USB external drive, Android phones, iPods, etc. This can be seen in digital cameras very often when you select “Delete All” button or “Format” option instead of performing some other task.

Infact these scenarios are threatening and may cause huge photo loss or loss of data. You can easily accomplish the deleted picture recovery but before this you need to know what else can save your files from loss? There are certain precautions that can protect from the photo loss and deletion scenarios as well, till some extent.

Precautions to prevent them:

  • Installation of antivirus is the very first thing that you need to follow. This will keep the virus away from your system and will result in secured photos (now you can even install the antivirus in your Android phones)
  • Keep strong and updated backup and also the restoring points in the system (all the files in memory card of your Android phones) so that recovery can be performed easily using these sources

Best method to get rid of these problems:

But, How to get deleted photos back from Android phone after they are lost or deleted? The very simple answer to the question is, you can get the data back of your Android phones by performing recovery using the Photo Recovery Software. You can get the software easily using the links